Saving Retail

A recent article in the Sunday Times Business Section included this quote from Alex Baldock, CEO of Dixons Carphone:
"If all you do is sit between a customer and a supplier, shifting boxes in bricks and mortar, you're not going to have a very lucrative or secure future.
But if you can carve out a role where customers value your help in choosing a product, in helping them afford it through credit, in helping them get the most out of it and in making them feel good because you are recycling it at the end, they're going to keep coming back."

This is one of the clearest visions of how to prosper in an omni-channel retailing world and how to make stores relevant again than I have seen in a long time. All credit to Mr Baldock. I hope many others learn the lesson.

Brian Hume
Managing Director, Martec International

Posted by Brian Hume
8th January 2021

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