What Keeps CEO's Up At Night

What Keeps CEO's Up At Night

A survey of 1200 global executives including 630 CEOs summarised recently by Chain Store Age showed most US CEOs are worried about recession and elevated inflation, but only 37% consider themselves prepared for a recession and 34% for elevated inflation. Other threats include the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, ballooning national debt, cyber attacks and higher energy prices. .

Attracting and retaining talent is their number 1 internal focus. For short term growth the focus is on new products and services, technology investments, marketing and entering new markets. For long term growth, it is 
focusing on investing in innovation - new lines of business, digital transformation including AI, marketing and promotions, upskilling and retailing existing talent.

Martec's focus is directed at retailers and consumer goods companies upskilling and reskilling in key areas generally classified as the hard skills, those key to the profitable running of the company, plus those companies providing services to retailers and CG companies. For those interested in planning an upskilling strategy, a good place to start is the skills documents in the Resources section of our web site, which map to role specific learning paths in the career maps section.

Posted by Brian Hume
26th January 2024

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