I'm a retailer

You’re a retailer. We’re retailers, too. Martec provides retail consulting and retail consulting services for retailers. This includes retail system selection, ...

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I sell to retailers

You sell to retailers. We’ll help you do it better. Martec helps companies that sell to retailers develop and improve their retail go-to-market strategy, provides training ...

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Welcome to Martec International

Martec International is a specialist retail consulting and retail training company. For retailers we improve retail business processes, help select and implement retail systems and train retail teams. We specialize in merchandising, supply chain, buying, store operations and ecommerce. For companies that sell to retailers we develop retail go-to-market plans, provide training for retail sales and retail marketing teams and provide a global retail contacts database for retail account planning and retail lead generation.





Building a business case and ROI ROI and Business Case Analyzer

Building a Business Case and ROI

Caroline Proctor, CMO, JustEnough said...

"I recently took Martec’s “Building the Business Case and ROI” eLearning course and found it very informative and helpful. The information is presented in a very organized, straightforward and clear manner. Martec shows you how to build a solid ROI model using commonly available financial statements and metrics. ROI estimates are often requested by prospects during sales cycles and what we took away from the training will enable us to help prospects justify investments and accelerate sales cycles."


IT in Retail 2016-17

The IT in Retail report is the most comprehensive guide to IT spending amongst the UK's top retailers.
Fully updated and featuring 30 new companies, the report represents retailers with annual sales totalling over £210 billion, i.e. 63% of the total UK retail sector and encompasses over 60,000 stores.
The report is in its 12th year, to keep the information relevant and up to date we have added a new section on Enterprise Service Bus Systems and more detail on the use of cloud based systems.

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Martec's ROI and Business Case Analyzer

Martec has developed a return on investment model which addresses a wide variety of potential retail investments. Vendors can use the product to develop business cases for their clients and retailers can use it to develop business cases for their Boards and investors. 

The ROI package consists of:

  • The ROI model.
  • A detailed user guide.
  • 4 user licenses for Martec's e-learning Building a Business Case and ROI Course.
  • A one hour webinar for your team with a live instructor reviewing how to use the model.

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