Free course to kickstart your resolutions

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Let’s make 2017 your "Go For It" year.

Rock your career resolutions with courses from Martec International.

We’re offering one free course to everyone during January to help you kickstart your resolutions.

Resolve to develop better business cases and ROI justifications?

Take our Building a Business Case and ROI course

Resolve to get to grips with the basics of retailing?

Take our Fundamentals of Retail Suite course

Resolve to review your sales and inventory management processes and move to best practice?

Take our Sales and Inventory Management course

For the full list of available courses click here.

When you have chosen just use this code


when you checkout to get your free course. And feel free to pass the code on to friends and colleagues. The offer is valid until the end of January and limited to 5 people per company per country. There’s no catch and we won’t ask for your credit card details.

If you are not sure which is the most suitable course for you just send me your CV or your Linked In profile and we will make a recommendation.

But hurry, to get the most out of this offer you need to act quickly and kickstart your career now. 

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