Technology selection

Unbiased, practical, actionable retail technology selection and implementation.

Martec's unmatched knowledge of the worldwide retail and retail IT markets and our independence means that retailers can turn to us with confidence for help with:

  • System selection projects - especially merchandise management, category management, merchandise and assortment planning, forecasting, allocation and replenishment systems, store systems, multi-channel and e-commerce systems and loss prevention
  • Development of long and short lists of vendors to ensure no suitable products are overlooked
  • Independent advice on vendors - their strengths, weaknesses and how to get the most out of them
  • Development of vendor score cards to help you make the right decision for your business
  • Planning complex systems implementations to ensure benefits are realized throughout the project (including early on) and that the road map reduces risk and maximizes ROI
  • Development of tailored ROI models to ensure you assess the full benefit of proposed new systems.


Martec Products and Reports to Help You

  • ROI model - to help you justify your planned investment to the Capex committee, board or owners.




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