IT Strategy

Development of IT strategies to ensure retailers are able to achieve their growth plans across all sales channels, plus review of existing IT strategy.

Martec's unmatched knowledge of the retail and retail IT markets and our independence means that retailers turn to us with confidence for help with:

  • Creating a vision of the IT systems of the future and the IT road map to get there, so that all IT investment decisions can be made in a way that contributes to the strategic development of the business and IT infrastructure
  • Reducing the risks and costs to the business by the development of a suitable IT strategy
  • Help with implementing the new IT strategy at a pace that manages the rate of change, the rate of expenditure and maintains the morale and commitment of IT and business users
  • Development of the optimum implementation sequence for new systems to be consistent with business objectives and constraints.
  • Development and benchmarking of IT budgets
  • Review of IT organization structure and recommendations to strengthen and improve it
  • Ensuring that existing systems are used effectively
  • Training IT teams and business users in best practice for key retail processes to ensure the success of new systems implementations
  • Ensuring multi-channel expansion plans are backed by an effective IT strategy that is truly cross channel.


Martec Products and Reports to Help You

  • ROI model to help justify the investment in new or replacement systems.



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