Lead Generation Services

Many vendors are having a tough time generating leads and closing deals with retailers. A number of retailers are putting off investment until the economic climate improves and in the UK there is more clarity on the impact of Brexit. Yet many retailers will still invest in projects that address their core business strategies and challenges.
So it is important to create demand where little appears to exist and initiate the right type of dialogue with your prospects. A typical lead generation project works like this:

  • The first step would be a briefing to agree on the approach, solutions and key messages
  • For the retailers in your target market we will send you a suggested list for you to approve and remove any you don't want us to target.
  • We will develop an emailshot, plus a paper mailing each month to generate leads and express your messages in the most attractive way to retailers and send them out to all relevant contacts. Paper mailings are useful for targeting companies that do not receive emails (because of spam filters) or who do not read them for whatever reason. We will email all relevant contacts in the target group and do a paper mailing to about 80 each month that we feel will be most beneficial (e.g. because of seniority or suspected interest)
  • Then we will follow up the most promising each month, based on people who read the email, known market intelligence and a rolling program to aim to talk to each company at least twice a year by telephone
  • The aim is to identify leads, set up meetings, increase awareness of the vendor and increase the likelihood of hitting them with an appropriate marketing message

Watch these videos of Martec's Managing Director, Brian Hume's recent webinar to discover more about other Martec services to help you generate leads among retailers more effectively.


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