Monthly Subscription Service

Monthly Subscription Service

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Price: $49.00

Product type: E-Learning course

Retail E-learning Subscription for Vendors

Product: EL140


For a fixed monthly subscription per person you can access our comprehensive vendor e-learning portfolio which consists of our quick reference Retail WIKI for just in time facts and 17 classes for sales and marketing personnel to study, plus a further 7 more detailed classes for consultants and implementers. Our monthly subscription approach allows you to study at the rate you can manage and work towards a complete mastery of the subjects you will most benefit from.

There is no minimum number of months you have to commit to other than you have to give two months’ notice of cancellation.

Corporate discounts apply for 20 or more bookings made at the same time. For more information or to discuss bulk orders email us now or call us on +44 1823 333469.