Finance and IT

This page address training for everyone working in a financial role or who needs to interact with members of the Finance Department on a regular basis. It also includes key content for IT people, especially those relatively new to retail. Those IT people who work in system selection or development for the other key areas like buying and merchandising or store operations, will also benefit from the classes in those sections too. If you are really looking for a performance support tool rather than training, review the information page on the Retail and Consumer Goods WIKI.

Retail Background and Trends, Overview of Key Retail Processes and Business IT Architecture are introductory classes and take roughly one to 1.5 hours each to study. The others are deeper programs and will take longer. Estimated study times are given on each class profile page. Fundamentals of Retail is a suite and therefore the longest. It will take 10 to 14 hours to study.


Fundamentals of retail training   Online training in retail financials   Online training in how to build a business case and roi
Online training in sales and inventory management   Retail background and trends e-learning   Online training in key retail processes
Learn about retail IT architecture      

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