Account planning templates

Designed for sales teams to help uncover opportunities in specific retailers. Martec provides detailed desk research on your target accounts which we can custom develop to your requirements. We carry out comprehensive research and then our retail specialists analyze it to identify all relevant factors, e.g. company culture, retail strategy, who's who, investment priorities and key performance indicators, comparisons with sector averages and identification of suspect opportunities. Contact us directly for further details.

We also carry out facilitated workshops with the account teams to develop the account plan for the company and plan the execution.


Conversation starters 

Conversation starters are job aids to help sales people engage in conversation with senior retail management and identify potential opportunities that they might be able to develop into a sales campaign. Conversation Starters are designed to be dipped into as and when you need it - not studied like an e-learning course. It gives your sales team the ability to know the relevant questions to ask, what to listen out for and how to respond in their initial conversations with your potential clients.

Conversation starters include the following for each job role:

  • What I’m responsible for
  • My top objectives for this year
  • Challenges I face to accomplishing these
  • What keeps me up at night
  • Conversation starters for each objective including questions, what to listen for, what it means in terms of potential opportunities and notes to help you decipher and interpret the answers

Please see this sample for more details. Contact us directly for further details.


Exhibition guide 

Everything you need to know about retail exhibitions and how to maximize your investment in retail exhibitions and generate more sales from retailers. Designed for VPs of marketing and sales and booth / stand managers for companies selling to retailers worldwide.

This 50 page guide covers everything from planning, budgeting, designing the stand, selecting the right show and analysing your success after the show. The appendices contain a comprehensive list of retail exhibitions worldwide, a suggested timetable to ensure better planning, some sample letters to get appointments at exhibitions and a suggested packing list.



A comprehensive glossary of over 500 commonly used retail terms. Ideal for those new to retail and for vendors who want to decipher the jargon and talk to retailers in their own terms. 70 pages of retail terms shown in alphabetical order. We also show you how to calculate the main Key Performance Indicators used in retail. Covers all retail job functions.


ROI models 

Martec has developed a return on investment model which addresses a wide variety of potential retail investments. Vendors can use the product to develop business cases for their clients and retailers can use it to develop business cases for their Boards and investors. Companies can purchase Martec's ROI model complete with user documentation and a comprehensive training package. This teaches all the key concepts needed to create an effective business case to support a major investment and use the model effectively.

The ROI package consists of:

  • The ROI model.
  • A detailed user guide.
  • 4 user licenses for Martec's e-learning Building a Business Case and ROI Course.
  • A one hour webinar for your team with a live instructor reviewing how to use the model.
  • Customisations can be made to the standard model for an additional cost if needed.


Store visit checklist 

Our store visit analyzer is for sales people to prepare for sales meetings with retailers. 141 checks for a store visit and what the answers mean. How you interpret those answers into "suspect opportunities" at that retailer.

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