IT consulting

IT strategy reviews, system selection and implementation projects for retailers by a totally independent specialist retail consulting company.

Martec has more than 30 years experience of carrying out IT consulting projects for retailers. We really understand the market and produce realistic, well thought through plans and recommendations. We ensure both short term and longer term benefits are gained while maintaining morale and support from users in the business. Martec's independence and experience ensures that you do not overlook any important issues and inadvertently make a decision early on, which has consequences you have not considered.

We help retailers with IT strategy development system selection and implementation. For more details click on the links below.

Martec has no relationships with IT vendors that involve any payment or commissions, finders' fees or the like and we do not resell any other vendor's solutions so we are totally independent and recommend what is truly best for our client. We work with all the main retail vendors and so have a good understanding or their strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them in the most effective way.


Our range of retail training courses are used by retailers prior to implementing new systems to understand the range of best practices available and post implementation to ensure effective use is made of new technology. We focus on training in merchandise management, forecasting, allocation and replenishment, merchandise and assortment planning, supply chain, store operations, visual merchandising and merchandise optimisation best practices.

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