Process improvement

Martec specializes in designing and implementing best practice retail business processes.

A typical project involves:

  • Understanding and documenting the processes you use today
  • Benchmarking them against best practices in your market sector and business area
  • Compiling a gap analysis
  • Identifying process improvements
  • Determining the benefits of the improved processes
  • Identifying supporting technology
  • Implementing the improved processes
  • Identifying and dealing with the change management issues

Martec has carried out these reviews for many of the world's leading retailers. Examples of recent assignments include:

  • Review of the promotion planning and management process for a leading variety store retailer
  • Supply chain review for major international entertainment retailer
  • Planning, forecasting and replenishment reviews for a leading mail order company and a discount apparel retailer
  • Merchandise management for an international duty free retailer
  • Replenishment processes review for a major office supplies retailer
  • Forecasting process review for a soft furnishings retailer.

The goal of these assignments is to improve retail business processes and provide the following key benefits:

  • Increased sales
  • Improved margins
  • Lower markdowns
  • Higher turns
  • Reductions in inventory
  • Reduced headcounts

How do we achieve these benefits? Our approach is to:

  • Streamline the current operation by removing any processes that add no value
  • Automate as many of the repetitive processes as possible
  • Provide information on an exception basis, so that management can focus on the key issues
  • Recommend an organizational structure that facilitates the new process operation
  • Manage the transition and provide appropriate skills training

Each review involves the following steps:

  • Extensive interviews with client management
  • Mapping existing processes using a standard flowcharting tool
  • Performing a gap analysis against best practices implemented by the leading retailers within your market sector
  • Recommending new processes for the business
  • Proposing the organizational changes necessary to best support the recommended processes
  • Training personnel and providing the necessary documentation
  • Implementing the new processes cost effectively.

As part of the initial review, we will indicate the costs and timescales for implementing these new processes as well as the estimated benefits. These assessments can be used as a yardstick against which the project success can be measured.
Our experience extends across the entire retail spectrum. As a result, we can carry out these reviews cost effectively and propose recommendations that will achieve maximum benefits.

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