Choosing an EPOS System is Getting Harder

8th November 2018

According to Martec’s database of worldwide retail software, there are 123 companies offering EPOS solutions to the English speaking world. Most of those are small companies selling to small retailers. If you are a larger company, for example, with annual sales bigger than US $130 million, your choices are now much more limited.

In the UK, for example, there were approximately 90 companies who ran the Retail-J system from Torex or ran Store 6 from BT Fresca. Both companies have been taken over (Torex by Micros then by Oracle) and BT Fresca by Aptos. Oracle announced Retail-J as end of life and Aptos have effectively done the same indirectly by announcing a new product strategy for shipping in 18 months time, which discourages anyone from buying the current solution. Reportedly, the Retalix EPOS solution used by a number of UK grocers is no longer being developed by NCR, its current owner and several years ago IBM disposed of its EPOS base to TEC Toshiba.

If you are an SAP ERP customer, you might go to GK Software, a German partner of SAP’s and if you are an Oracle ERP customer, you might consider their x-Store product. Equally, if you are an Infor ERP customer, you could consider Starmount, but you might be the first European customer to buy it.

If you run Microsoft’s AX Retail or Dynamics 365, then you can potentially deploy the Microsoft POS solution, which is a viable option, as long as you have local partners that understand retail and retail systems.

So, if you are a European retailer and you don’t want the EPOS solution from your ERP supplier (if you have one), and you are bigger than about $130m in annual sales, your choices are quite limited.

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