Top 10 tips for launching elearning programs in your company

7th November 2018

Some of these may sound obvious but it is surprising how often they are overlooked.

  1. Tell everyone how to access the training (make it easy, give them a link and remind them of any access codes or user names they need).
  2. Try a carrot approach – for example everyone who successfully completes the training gets a pay rise, or a place on a company trip, or an entry into a prize draw.
  3. Or try the stick approach – for example the CEO will be given a list of everyone that doesn’t complete this training by a certain date, or you won’t be allowed to come on an instructor-led training course if you don’t pass this one.
  4. Tell them what they will learn, who the course is designed for and how it will make a difference to their job performance and even their stress levels.
  5. Don’t just tell them about it once, monitor usage of the e-learning on a weekly basis and follow up with people that haven’t yet enrolled to check to see if they need any help.
  6. Try a lunch and learn approach. Lay on some nice sandwiches (or some other treat to tempt your group) and invite everyone to discuss the first module of the training. You can share experiences, answer questions and revise concepts that people need help with. Keep up a regular program of lunch and learn until everyone has completed the training.
  7. Treat it like a marketing campaign and try different approaches, some people read their emails, others would prefer a nudge from LinkedIn or a Tweet from a peer who is using the training.
  8. Socialise the training. Ensure people can share their experiences with their peers using social media.
  9. Timing is important – try contacting people on different days of the week and at different times with information about the training so you can reach them when they are receptive.
  10. If you are offering more than one course then recommend the best order for study, make it easier for people.

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