Four tips to make e learning work better

29th August 2018

Four tips to make e-learning work better

  1. Keep it short and sharp. It’s best to study for a maximum of 30 minutes a day. This helps it sink in and allows you to think about how you apply the knowledge to your job. Courses should tell the learner how long it will take them to study so that they can manage their time and expectations.
  2. Try “lunch and learn”. This is when a group of learners follow a programme together. They all study an agreed module and prepare questions about the topic for a group discussion. Some of our clients offer lunch on a weekly basis to the group and they all come together to discuss that week’s training and any queries they have. For a geographically dispersed group a weekly webinar that everyone logs on to works well. All learners know what they have to study that week and it helps them think about how they will apply it to improve their performance.
  3. Pre-tests to allow people to skip content they already know. There is no point making people work through material they already understand when they could be using the time to study new courses. So is makes sense to test people before a course and if they pass they can move on to the next one.
  4. Mix it up. Different people learn in different ways. Choose a course that presents the material in different ways with interactive elements, video clips, tests, real life examples and really relevant, focused content.

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