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Martec classes are distributed in North America by Martec International, Inc and also by Performance Solutions, Inc (PSI). PSI is the leading provider of Financial Services Sector training and also provides training programs for Local Government, the Health Care sector and Entertainment and Media. Through Cambashi Ltd, PSI also provides manufacturing, oil, gas & utilities industry training. Clients particularly go to PSI when they want a consistent curriculum approach across all the industry sectors they deal with.



PSI is the leading provider of off-the-shelf and custom industry training solutions designed specifically for your sales, service and support professionals. Our world-class industry training will help to maximize the success of your professionals and differentiate them in today's highly competitive market.


Tel: 1-866-468-6774
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Bridgewater Learning is Martec's distributor in the Africas, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Bridgewater Learning provides a wide range of e-learning development services, Learning Management Services and management training.


Tel +27-21-6839683

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