CPG Training

Martec provides a portfolio of classes to educate different audiences involved in the CPG industry as shown in the diagram below. 



CPG 100 and CPG 200 are e-learning programs that cover broadly similar material to the instructor-led Understanding CPG program and provide a great foundation for the Category Management, Understanding Retail and Negotiating with Retailers classes. For more detail click here for CPG 100 and click here for CPG 200. These classes also make a good foundation for attending the instructor-led Understanding CPG program.

The Understanding CPG for New Hires program is a two-day instructor-led class to teach new hires to CPG more about the basic business of CPG companies. Click here for more details.

The Understanding CPG program for technology vendors educates sales and marketing people in technology companies so they can better understand the industry they serve. Click here for more details.

Those who sell CPG products to retailers or those in supporting functions, such as trade support, category management and supply chain will benefit from the Understanding Retail program specially tailored for CPG sales and marketing people. Click here for more details.

Those who provide category management services to retailers will benefit from the 2 day category management class. Click here for more details.

Our Negotiating with Retailers for CPG Companies program is a 1.5 to 2 day program involving some instruction and several real life role plays to teach CPG sales and marketing people how to negotiate with retailers more successfully. Click here for more details.


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